Photography of 5 Mexican Native groups of the 68 to be photographed

Compendium of artistic and documentary photography of five Mexican ethnic groups where I write about my travel experiences and my evolution as amateur to professional photographer.


In this pilot book, five of Mexico's ethnic groups are depicted: Maya Tsotsiles, Maya Yucateca, Nahuas de Guerrero, Purépecha and Rarámuris. Of the coexistence and talk with them, some call themselves "The Natives" (Los Originarios), came the title of this book and upcoming books.


For this moment only in Spanish language. There will be digital versions in Spanish, English, Dutch and French and eventually new print versions.


* Size 22 x 33 cm / 8.7 x 13 inches

* Rustic stitched

* 112 pages of semi-matt coated paper with satin varnish

* 273 photographs

* ISBN 978-970-94-3028-8

* Prices in US Dollars

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