Photography of 5 Mexican Native groups of the 68 to be photographed

Compendium of artistic and documentary photography of five Mexican ethnic groups where I write about my travel experiences and my evolution as amateur to professional photographer.


In this pilot book, five of Mexico's ethnic groups are depicted: Maya Tsotsiles, Maya Yucateca, Nahuas de Guerrero, Purépecha and Rarámuris. Of the coexistence and talk with them, some call themselves "The Natives" (Los Originarios), came the title of this book and upcoming books.


For this moment only in Spanish language. There will be digital versions in Spanish, English, Dutch and French and eventually new print versions.


* Size 22 x 33 cm / 8.7 x 13 inches

* Rustic stitched

* 112 pages of semi-matt coated paper with satin varnish

* 273 photographs

* ISBN 978-970-94-3028-8

* Prices in US Dollars

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Personal Thoughts

Once they knew me better, they began to smile followed by pleasant conversations. They like to talk about their life, find relief when I'm listening to their sometimes difficult situations.

They are very hospitable and with humility they have offered me a roof and a hammock, and in spite of many deficiencies they are still generous and offer me some corn tortillas and coffee.

Their wisdom is millennial and in it lies their greatest wealth.

Their way of thinking makes them practical and natural. They feel well with just enough.


From them I learned that I do not need so many things and since then I have felt more human.

Denis Jockmans

Natives represented here are (from left to right, above to below):


Raramuri men.

Purepecha mother and girl.

Nahua of Guerrero girls.

Maya Tzotzil woman.

Maya Yucatec woman.

With my Purépecha friends.


Project: further travels through Mexico to photograph all the Natives

The project "The Natives", was named for the coexistence and talks I have had with them and for my great respect for their origins of these important groups of people that have inhabited before and continue to inhabit Mexico after the Spanish Conquest. It is a photographic/artistic compendium and documentary of the 68 native (ethnic) groups that this incredible country has.

The goal is to make them known and to raise awareness among Mexicans and the rest of the world about their cultural importance, their identity, their contribution to modern society, their survival, their ancient wisdom and to create an economic contribution for their progress. In addition, enrich the public debate by increasing the understanding of the situation of the Natives.
They deserve attention and respect.

With my own means during 15 years I traveled through Mexico and photographed five groups (Maya Tsotsil, Maya Yucateca, Nahuas de Guerrero, Purépechas and Rarámuri) and published my first book. I want to continue photographing the remaining 63 in several trips starting with the State of Oaxaca, which has 15 different groups, beginning 2020 until end 2022.


Due to the coronavirus situation, my trip has been postponed until begin 2021.

Meanwhile I will start in June 2020 photographing the more than 50 groups living in Mexico City.

The photographs presented in my webpage are for sale and will also be presented in future national and international exhibitions and published in new books.

15% of the sale will be donated in the form of scholarships to pay school expenses such as teaching materials, clothing, food, transportation, etc. for at least one year to the members of the portrayed families who go to school.

Once I have finished my trips and have photographed all the native groups, I will join the best photographs which will be published in a limited luxury edition hardcover book.

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