It is a great experience to purchase and to own high resolution and high-quality physical prints, made to be felt with your fingers, to be kept in a beautiful folio box or to be hanged on your wall for generations to be seen. You can admire yourself how amazing you are and the fine details of my artwork in which I put great effort and creativity.

I am a craftsman, always looking for excellence and I am proud of my work and value it. Therefor I took time to investigate what would be the best way to represent you as a person and my work. I hope you enjoy your quality purchase.


All your art prints are available in different sizes and different presentations. The process of printing is supervised by me and your photographs of the sessions are printed on art paper with high-quality ink so they have a luxurious matte look to them.

Examples of presentations of Art Wall Portraits in houses and offices.

"A picture is a poem without words"
- Horace -

Presentation examples of a luxurious 30x38cm (12x15 ") box with a collection of 6,
12 or 20 photographs 18x25cm (7x10 ") of size, with a 28x35cm (11x14") frame.
Matted prints from 20x25cm (8x10") to 76x100cm (30x40") with or without frames.
A variety of wooden frames, from decorative to contemporary, all handmade and 5 colours: white, black, wood, gold or silver.
Series of nine photographs 13x18cm (5x7"), with mat and a 60x76cm (24x30") frame.
Prints glued on black wooden base (3mm thick), with or without border,
or metal prints glued on a glass base covered with a glass surface.
Sizes from 20x25cm (8x10") to 76x100cm (30x40").
Prints glued on black wooden base (3mm thick), with or without border,
or metal prints glued on a glass base covered with a glass surface.
Sizes from 20x25cm (8x10") to 76x100cm (30x40").

Presentations, technical data and payment.


Print sizes:

You can choose from 20x25cm (8x10"), 28x35cm (11x14"), 40x50cm (16x20")(recommended size), 60x76cm (24x30") and 76x100cm (30x40"). Bigger is better. I do not sell less than 20x25cm (8x10") prints, with exception for the Folio Boxes.

The actual image is surrounded by a white borders from 2.5 to 5cm (1 to 2") wide depending the image. The white border protects the image from fingers when you transport it, but also gives a "heavy" and thus quality feeling of your print.



Each matted and framed print receives my personal hand-signed signature with an acid-free pen on the back and an acid-free sticker with more information like my full name, the date when the picture has been taken, which camera and resolution I used, where it was taken, size of print, paper and ink type.

This labeling will be constant.


Digital Archives:

All prints are digital photos, which were made from uncompressed files (RAW data) of my professional cameras with a resolution of 42.4 megapixels (Sony A7R II). The final processed and edited photos their files have .tif format, which give the best quality for printing.



All pictures are digitally printed on acid-free Fine Art papers with high-quality Epson archival pigment ink using professional Epson printers.

They are heftier and thicker for their sheer beauty and substantial, more tactile feel as well as other characteristics such as surface texture. Paperweight and thickness set fine photographic and art papers apart from their much thinner, plastic counterparts such as the RC glossy, luster, satin, or pearl papers.



High-quality Epson Ultrachrome HD archival stable pigment-based (not dye-based) ink. Acid-free, instant dry, high water-resistant characteristics, resistance against fading and smudging, stable in UV light and is guaranteed for life.


Mat and Framing (recommended):

All your prints are matted. If you desire you can for an extra cost have your prints professionally framed.

All used material are acid-free which include the carton and the white board under and over the print, a wooden frame and a UV plexiglass cover.



Mexico only: Credit and debit cards, Mercado Pago, Pay Pal, iZettle, TransferWise, bank or store transfer or cash.

World wide: Credit and debit cards, international bank transfer, Pay Pal and TransferWise.


Keeping your art work safe and long lasted:

Your print is an investment, and these simple care instructions will ensure you enjoy it for your entire lifetime:

Kept under favorable conditions your print is expected to be free from fading or discoloration for at least more than100 years (color prints) and more than 200 years (black and white prints). 

  • Handle the print on it's edges and use two hands to prevent kinking of the print.

  • Moister and skin oil affects the print. Cloth gloves are recommended for handling.

  • Your print are protected from strong ultraviolet radiation such as direct sunlight thanks to a anti-reflective. The prints maintain a slight separation between the prints and the glass.

  • Relative humidity 35 to 65%. Best 55%.

  • Temperature 10 to 30° C / 50° to 86° F. Best 20ºC / 68º F