The capturing of genuine libido of everyday women

Series of quality artistic-erotic photography where the experience between reality and fantasy of women's sensuality is captured through fetishes and the real libido.

Disinhibition and ecstasy; FETISH 1st is the capture of genuine libido, the curtains of female mysticism that open and leave their secrets exposed. Eroticism is part of our sexuality, by knowing our tastes and pleasures we access a better discovery of ourselves and, therefore, of the other. It is a game that everyone talks about in whispers and sighs, sometimes abrupt, others as affectionate. An erotic image elevates us to the sacredness of sex and begins the dance of sensuality. Eroticism and sex, the best duality to get to know each other in spirituality.


For this moment only in Spanish language. There will be digital versions in Spanish, English, Dutch and French and eventually new print versions.


* Size: 18 x 27 cm / 7 x 10.6 inches

* Rustic stitched

* Weight: 952 gr / 2.1lbs

* 240 pages of semi-matt coated paper with satin varnish

* 222 photographs

* ISBN 978-970-94-2955-8

* Prices in US Dollars