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Thank you for your interest in purchasing signed original Denis Jockmans Fine Art Photography Prints.

Sale of prints of mostly Mexican landscapes, taken during my many travels.


All art prints are available in different sizes and different and presentations and are limited editions. The process of printing is supervised by me and delivered to you signed, numbered, with a stamp of authentication and an accompanying certificates of authenticity and printed on museum-quality paper with high-quality ink. For more information, sizes and prizes here below. If you desire unlimited edition prints, printed items or digital files, please click here.


It is a great experience to purchase and to own high resolution and high-quality physical prints, made to be felt with your fingers and to be hanged on your wall for generations to be seen. You can admire the fine details of the landscapes I photographed.

I am always looking for excellence and I am proud of my work in which I put great effort. Therefor I took time to investigate what would be the best way to present my work. I hope you enjoy your quality purchase.

Should you have any questions please call the studio (+52)5544304597 or cell/WhatsApp (+52)(1)5526596087

or contact me at

"Ever charming, ever new.
When will the landscape tire the view?"

- John Dyer -



Series of fine art prints of Volcanoes I have taken since 1994. Featuring Popocateptl, Iztacciuhatl and Nevado de Toluco.

There are over 2,000 volcanoes in Mexico, which about 42 are considered active or dangerous. Their heights go from 100 meters (328 feet) to 5,636 meters (18,491 feet) above sea level.

Prints for sale

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(numbered, stamped and with certifications of authenticity)

Sizes & Prices:

17x22" / 43x56cm: $USD 225.00

20x30" / 51x76cm: $USD 300.00

24x36" / 61x92cm: $USD 425.00

36x54" / 91x138cm: $USD 875.00

(tax included)



Presentations, technical data, purchase and delivery of the prints



The print sizes are 17x22" / 43x56cm  -  20x30" / 51x76cm  -  24x36" / 61x92cm  and  36x54" / 91x138cm.

The actual image is surrounded by a white borders from 1 to 2" / 2.5 to 5cm wide depending the image. You can choose prints without the white border for the same price but I recommend the white borders which protects the image from fingers when you transport it.

In the "Add a note" box in the basket page you can specify your requirements.



Each print is an original limited edition. No further reproduction will be run after they are sold out.

There are 60 17x22" / 43x56cm, 40 20x30" / 51x76cm, 25 24x36" / 61x92cm and 10 36x54" / 91x138cm edition prints. For special sizes please write me.

The price may increase as an edition is running out.

De author has of each sizes several E.d'A (Épreuve d'Artiste / AP: Artist's proof) and one BAT (Bon à Tirer / RTP: Ready to Print). APs and RTPs are not included in the count of a limited edition. By convention the artist will not sell these prints.

They are guaranteed for life.



Each print is personal hand-signed with an acid-free pen. On the white border area at the bottom just below and outside the actual image on the left I write the edition number of the print (e.g. " # 07/10 "), in the center the title and on the right my signature and the date of the printing (e.g. " 15 Apr 2019 "). If you desire to mat and frame, I left a space to avoid the text to be covered.

Prints without the white borders have only my signature written with an acid-free marker on the image itself below right.

On the back of the print, written on an acid-free sticker you receive more information like my full name, the date when the picture has been taken, which camera and resolution I used, where it was taken, size of print, paper and ink type.

This labeling will be constant.


Certifications and Registration:

Your purchased artwork will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity written and signed by Denis Jockmans with all the above information, and a Hahnemühle Certificate of Authenticity which certifies that a Hahnemühle paper was used to print this photograph. The number and edition will be registered on Hahnemuhle’s "My Art Registry" here for reference and tracking purposes.


Digital Archives:

Most pictures are digital photos, which were made from uncompressed files (RAW data) of two professional cameras with two resolution ranges, 24.6 (Sony A900) and 42.4 megapixels (Sony A7R II). 8 or 16-bit output. The processed files have .psd format in most cases.

The other pictures are mostly taken with Fujichrome Velvia 100 35mm transparencies film which were digitalized by me with the professional Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED Film Scanner, at the highest resolution corresponding to 21 megapixels. The processed files have .tif format in most cases.



All pictures are digitally printed on acid-free and lignin-free Hahnemüle museum-quality paper/Hahnemühle Digital Fine Art Collection with high-quality Epson archival pigment ink using professional Epson printers.

The prints are produced by Bindu Impresión de Arte in Mexico City, Mexico. I personally assist with the Bindu team.

Art buyers and collectors as well as fine art photographers prefer excellent durable, archival stability ISO 9706 conform museum quality for highest age resistance, high water-resistant characteristics and 100 % rag/cotton fiber (not Resin Coated) papers.

They are heftier and thicker for their sheer beauty and substantial, more tactile feel as well as other characteristics such as surface texture. Paperweight and thickness set fine photographic and art papers apart from their much thinner, plastic counterparts such as the RC glossy, luster, satin, or pearl papers.



For the Natives series I use the matte Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth (datasheet), 305 gsm (grams per square meter) and 0.48 mm thick paper. It's an especially smooth, silky soft feeling, discreet, very finely textured surface white cotton paper made for high-quality FineArt inkjet pigment system printing.

The matte premium inkjet coating guarantees extraordinary print results with impressive reproduction of color, subtle and nuanced color gradations, details and very deep black (DMax). Contains moderate OBA (Optical Brightening Agents).



High-quality Epson Ultrachrome HD archival stable pigment-based (not dye-based) ink. Acid-free, instant dry, high water-resistant characteristics, resistance against fading and smudging, stable in UV light and is guaranteed for life.


Mounting and Framing:

If you desire, your prints can be professionally mounted and framed by the Bindu team and with my assistance.

All material used are acid-free which include the carton and the white board under and over the print, a simple wooden frame and a UV plexiglass cover. Due to the additional weight there will be an extra charge to the shipping.



You are purchasing a signed limited edition print that is collectible.

Worldwide: Payments accepted with PayPal, credit and debit cards.

Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela: Mercado Pago.

Mexico only: Mercado Pago, bank or store transfer or cash.

Upon ordering and check out you will receive an email from us within 24 hours to confirm the payment has been made and that the order is being processed.



Your art investment will be shipped securely rolled in a heavy duty tube or unrolled in a sturdy box (depending the sizes), without mount nor frame.

The distribution of the limited edition prints is handled by Denis Jockmans and the prints are normally shipped within 2 to 4 weeks from purchase depending which country you live. I will notify you of approximate shipping times when I receive your order.


Any sold signed and numbered print and delivered with the corresponding certificate of authenticity may be replaced only once in case of damage of any kind, only by mediating the price of the print run, without additional surcharge. This guarantee is for life (mine). But it will be applicable only when the damaged copy is returned to me along with its certificate of authenticity or the total destruction of one or the other or both is proven reliably. In addition, it applies only to those cases in which I keep the original files (I never delete any original files or get rid of my negatives, but it cannot be excluded that there are accidental losses or other causes beyond my control). The new copy will bear the same serial number from the previous photo plus the mention “replacement” and the damaged copy will be completely destroyed.


Keeping your art work safe and long lasted:

Your print is an investment, and these simple care instructions will ensure you enjoy it for your entire lifetime:

Kept under favorable conditions your print is expected to be free from fading or discoloration for at least more than100 years (color prints) and more than 200 years (black and white). 

  • Handle the print on it's edges and use two hands to prevent kinking of the print.

  • Moister and skin oil affects the print. Cloth gloves are recommended for handling.

  • Your print should be protected from strong ultraviolet radiation such as direct sunlight. Cover the print and canvas with an anti-reflective Museum Plexi Glass or with a TruVue Conservation or Museum Glass, both with UV Protection. If prints are displayed behind glass, maintain a slight separation between the prints and the glass.

  • For mounting & framing use only board, mat and frame that are 100% cotton rag, grade tapes and glues material, with acid-free hinges, acid-free corner supports. All must be 100% archival and best done by a professional framer.

  • Relative humidity 35 to 65%. Best 55%.

  • Temperature 10 to 30° C / 50° to 86° F. Best 20ºC / 68º F

  • You can purchase an extra protection against environmental influences like the Hahnemühle Protective Spray as a fixative.

  • Store papers in archive quality envelopes, folders, and boxes.